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What is concept thinking? A really short introduction to the basis elements of concept thinking. 27 pages with minimal text and a lots of examples.

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  • IDFCTRY.COM how to create a concept A short introDUCTION.
  • IDFCTRY.COM I am Occupation : CREATIVE AT IDFCTRY.COM Education : The Dutch Academy of Art and Design Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. Philosophy : Everything is a chance. Thinks : Reality is chaos Naeve belief : Everybody is creative. Motivation : Lets make better mistakes tomorrow. Do you have a design project you need help with? I would love to hear about it. Please send an email: [email protected]
  • IDFCTRY.COM Creating concepts is trying to think of ways that the impossible seems probable!
  • what is a concept? In one sentence: IDFCTRY.COM It is a story. A concept is a story told with two major components: Content (what its told) and Form (How its told) Note: In relation to (graphic) design, everything is a concept or an adaption of a concept. From a logo to live events. Everything tells a story. Preferably the same.
  • IDFCTRY.COM Is it worth all the trouble? Yes!
  • How do you tell a story? IDFCTRY.COM How do you tell a story? Simple. Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end*. To get the nessary input, just ask the right questions. This sounds a little zen, grasshoppers, but: At the heart of every question lies the answer * (Classic Sesame Street)
  • IDFCTRY.COM The fenomenale sculpture Rodin believed it was not he who sculpted the statues out of the marble.The statues where already in the rocks, all he had to do is reveal them.
  • 1+1= 2 (Wrong?) 1+1=11 (Right?) IDFCTRY.COM To get you on your way to asking the right questions. Use the 5ws and H*. I always start every project using this method. The answers found this way are my guide during a concept project. They are my starting point of thinking and my checklist when finishing a project. *
  • IDFCTRY.COM Search google: stupid diesel. Watch this brilliant concept for diesel. Its all about the story between logic and illogic.
  • How do The Five Ws and H work in action Who? whom is the concept meant. For Be specific. Think in persons, not in groups IDFCTRY.COM What? Whats the essence? Look beyond the obvious: Insurance companies sells peace of mind not insurances When? What is the moment the concept is consumed? Where? hat is the best way or place to reach its audience? W How?* What is to be used to give the audience the message? Why? The purpose. Why is it important? Try to be poetic in your thinking! *
  • IDFCTRY.COM Good pictures tells you more then a thousand words.
  • Beware of the why answer! Why is not How (?) IDFCTRY.COM Lesser gods among us, use a How answers to a Why question. This a common mistake. Example: Why are polar bears white? A how answer is as follows: Polar bears are white because snow is white. This sounds right and clear and for most people it is satisfying. A why answer is as follows: Polar bears come in any color as long, as long it is successful in its environment. If snow where to be purple. Polarbears where purple. It is not the snow that makes him white it is the ability to survive that makes him white. How answers leaves less options open, as WHY answers leaves all options over to think further. And that is what concept thinking is all about: think further.
  • IDFCTRY.COM Why are polarbears the color they are? There is no reason to be white.
  • The creative brief (1) a note to my Special friend IDFCTRY.COM Five Ws? But I thought a concept starts with a creative brief (CB)? True. And ideally a good CB has all the input needed to use the Five Ws. In basic a CB is a Five Ws story in itself.
  • The creative brief (2) IDFCTRY.COM Why is it then that a CB is not a concept generation document? Because CBs have buildt-in conflicts. A CB has conclusions for the to be created concept before there is a clear vision on that concept. These flaws are especially seen in the deliverables, budget and mandatory elements parts.
  • IDFCTRY.COM Example: A CB for a soft-drink brand dictates the use of print ads. That sounds oke? Not! The created concept is beter executed on live events, it doesnt need print. These kind of conflicts are to expected in every CB.
  • The creative brief (3) IDFCTRY.COM Nevertheless good creative brief are rare. In most cases you have to create answers yourself. It is amazing to see how many clients (not all) have no idea on what they are doing or sell. Example: A insurance company doesnt sell insurances. There selling Peace of Mind. How many employes of those companys say that on a parties to there friends, when asked what do for a living.
  • IDFCTRY.COM Were in the business of creating, not science Dont be afraid to Make Stuf Up to proof a point. Dont lie, but bend information as its fits the purpose
  • A tale of Two Creative briefs - The average one IDFCTRY.COM Used in many different agencies. With some varieties here and there, but in general: Background What is the background of the project? Why is it being done? Target audience What do they already think about this subject? Is there anything that should be avoided? Objectives What is to be accomplished? How will this be measured and success understood? Single message What is the one thing to tell the audience? What is the single thing they should remember about the offering? How will they believe what we say? Mandatory What are the mandatory elements such as the clients logo, address and so forth. Deliverables What is to be used to give the audience the message? What is the best way or place to reach this audience? Timeline How soon is this needed? When is it expected to be done? How many rounds (revisions) will this project undergo? Budget How much can be spent to get this developed? Is there any budget needed to publish/flight the creative? Approvals Who needs to give the okay?
  • IDFCTRY.COM Remember: A good concept is more than the sum of its parts.
  • IDFCTRY.COM A tale of Two Creative briefs - The brilliant one This how the ideal brief shout be. Keywords are trust and respect. Basically, it says: your thing the best Do way you can.
  • IDFCTRY.COM The briefing resultated in the albums artwork cover for Sticky Fingers.
  • IDFCTRY.COM final Sum up A concept is a story. Ask the right questions Why questions make you think. Be poetic in your thinking. Question everything. Always!
  • IDFCTRY.COM To get you started the right way Since there are a milion ways ask yourself questions and brainstorm, you might think: How do I start? Ive put together a sum of brainstorm methods: How to have a briljant brainstorm Here on slideshare:
  • Disclaimer IDFCTRY.COM The information in this document is intended for informational and educational purposes only, to provide readers better understanding. all Designated trademarks, brands and images are the property of their respective owners. please respect them.