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Carnival parades

Venice - the start of carnival, parade of gondoliers

Carnival in Venice

Carnival in Rio

Carnival parade in So Paulo

Carnival parade in Verona

Carnival parade in Uruguay

Carnival in the Philippines

Carnival parade in Hungary

Macedonia - Carnival parades

Carnival parade Tarazona de la Mancha, Spain

Carnival in Badajoz, Spain

Carnival in Cologne

Carnival in Basel

Carnival in Dubrovnik

Caribbean carnival in Notting Hill

Sesimbra Carnival, Portugal

Carnival in the Czech Republic

Carnival of the snow or highlander carnival in Bukowina Tatrzaska

Highland carnival in Bukowina Tatrzaska

Carnivals "goba kumoterek" (race of neighbors) in the Kocieliska Valley

Carnival sleigh ride

Highland carnival in Bukowina Tatrzask

Highland carnival in Zakopane

the endBackground sound - samba Granada - Skaldowie Team Z kopyta kulig rwie (Kulig rushes how much of forces in horses )The illustrations - taken from accessible websitesThe presentation was made by - Anna