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  • 1. Marketing in the Age ofBeing Social And What It Means For @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing

2. Centering Breath 3. The Agenda What Do We Mean By The Age of Being Social Priorities Whats Important Lets Define Marketing The Conversation Social Media Vs. Social Commerce Story Building ZMOT Marketing In The Age of NOW Grow You Business From The Inside @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 4. Author And Marketing GuruSeth Godin Said It Best 5. BUZZ WORDS Loyalty RelationshipsEngagement Overworked/ Not Really @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 6. Priorities Whats ImportantTo Grow @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 7. Being Social? What Does Being Social Mean? Connected Informed Why Do We Call It Social MediaAnd Not Business Media? Because We Havent Figured It OutBut Were Getting Close @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 8. Social Media Revolution2012 Lets Watch A Video Continue to next slide to view @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 9. Multi-Channel Marketing Then & Now Print Snail Mail Viral Radio E-mail Engaging TV Text(Two Way) Internet Anarchy FacelessMassDirectSocial(Mad Men) @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 10. Doing Business in the Age of NOW 11. One WordFrugal Describe @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 12. Being Social In The Age Of NOW Its Complex How Do We Get InThe Game Whose Game Is It How Do We Stay In Its Complicated Whats Your Message Does One Size Fit All What About Timing 13. Lets Define Marketing @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 14. Takeaway @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 15. The SOCIAL Conversation(s) Between FriendsWide Focus Wide RangingBFF Has aWhole NewNOTHING Is Meaning Off Limits @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 16. Conversations & ConnectingMass MediaDirect Viral Reach Short Lived Dynamic Frequency Tight Focus Two Way Static Event Driven Flexible One Way Call-to-action Amplification @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 17. In The Age Of NOW Being Social Were BusyWord Of Mouth Its AboutChecking In On SteroidsConnections And Im Here, Im Cool Driven By TechnologyEngagement Virtual Rewards Fueled By SEARCH Google It Accelerated By Knowledge Everybody Knows Actionable And @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 18. In The Age of NOW We Cant Keep Up Theres A New App Every @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 19. MIDAS Lets Watch A Video Continue to next slide to view @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 20. Social Media Vs. Social CommerceSocial Media: Between Thee And Me and All Our FriendsRight Fit Social Fuel EngagementCommerce Create A Maybe Its NotConversationAbout Selling Gain A Little Insight New Paradigm New Space 21. Takeaway #2 NOWLikes andYou Have ToIs A Scary Friends AreBe Where Your Place Not SalesGuests Are @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 22. Story BuildingTakeaway #3Do It In Cyberspace In 140 Characters Or Less Do It In Real Time Be Transparent Or YouWill Be Exposed Expect FeedbackRespond @group3marketing #g3missemw/group3marketing 23. ZMOT Takeaway #4 Old Media The STIMULUS The Genesis Of Brand Building MOT - A P&G Concept Fmot Smot ZMOT A Google Concept Zero Moment Of Truth Critical New Concept First Step Of Engagement New Media The Buying Decision Journey Has ChangedR e me mb e r What Once Was A Message Is Now A Conversationt h e G 3M Word Of Mouth Is Stronger Than Ever And Its DigitalDe f i n i t i o nof Ma r k e t i n g @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 24. ZMOT Lets Watch A Video Continue to next slide to view @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 25. The Explosion of Social MediaBegan As A Social MediaWay To Stay Penetrated Its Our Best Became TheWe Can We Can AskConnectedInto The Friend And Catch-all ForSpeak Our The World With OldFabric OfGreatestElectronic Minds FreelyAnythingClassmatesSocietyEnemy ConnectionsAnd Family 26. 70%Takeaway #5The Scariest Number You Want To @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 27. Get SeriousHow Do Social Media EffortsImpact Your Business Drivers Guest Retention Underperforming Guests Capturing New Guests @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 28. Pop Quiz 1 And Takeaway #6What Do You CallAA Guest When She(Or He) Walks OutOf Your Salon?FREE AGENT @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 29. Pop Quiz 2 And Takeaway #6When Do YouBegin MARKETING RIGHT To Free Agents? @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 30. Theres MoreTo Being Social Than Being SocialYou AlsoNeed To Stay Social Is A Strategy NotConnected TacticWith Your Facebook Twitter Guests Yelp And All The (Free Agents)Others Are TOOLS To Help You Stay @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 31. Something NewIn The Age Of NOW Trigger Based Marketing Something Happens EVERY DAY A New Guest Tries Your Salon A Guest Does Not Come Back A Guest Earns A Reward These Are Call-to-Action Triggers Underperforming Guests Growth Opportunities Every Day @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 32. Ei3 A Powerful Tool In The Age Of NOW Focus is electronic Turnkey Customizable Easily changed Affordable Why E-mail? Epsilon Reports: Open Rates for Triggered e-mails soar Analysis of 7.1 billion e-mails found open rates for trigger based e-mails were 75% higher than business as usual (BAU) e-mails in Q1, 2012. @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing 33. How Will You Grow Your BusinessIn The Age of NOW?Takeaway #7 Its Not Easy Understanding The Challenges New Guests Low Retention Current Guests FREE AGENTS EVERYONE Is Talking Set Priorities New Guests GROW Current Guests Influence The Next Sale Be Relevant, Immediate, and SOCIAL 34. Before We Close This Afternoon 2:00PM 3:30PM New Workshop Room 12 Grow Your Business From The Inside Out Tomorrow 12:00 1:30PM Grow You Business From The Inside Out Room 12 Information Sheet Ei3 Marketing Program More Information TEXT G3MISSE to 96362 Future Webinars Weekly E-Marketing Newsletters @group3marketing #g3missemw /group3marketing