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  • 1. Ujian Akhir Semester Nama : Ferdy Achmad Razzaaq NPM : 110111100067 Dosen : Prof.Huala Adolf, S.H, LL.M., Ph.D Mata Kuliah : Perancangan Kontrak Internasional Soal 1. Dari kasus yang telah di ilustrasikan apabila saya dalam posisi tersebut bertindak sebagai lawyer PT. Fesma hal yang saya lakukan adalah menentukan bentuk kontrak internasional yang cocok dengan karakteristik perjanjian yang akan dilakukan oleh PT. Fesma tersebut yang dalam hal ini telah di ilustrasikan bentuknya merupakan kerjasama antara PT Fesma dengan PT Selma yang dimana kedua perusaan ini berbeda negara namun memiliki tujuan yang sama yaitu mengembangkan perusaaanya dan berencana untuk melebur kedua perusaan itu menjadi satu Perseroan terbatas. Dan saya sebagai lwayer memutuskan bahwa bentuk kontrak yang harus dibuat merupakan kontrak internasional yang dimana bentuk dan jenisnya adalah Join Venture. Joint venture merupakan salah satu bentuk kegiatan menanam modal yang dilakukan oleh penanam modal dalam negeri dan penanam modal asing melalui usaha patungan untuk melakukan usaha di wilayah negara Republik Indonesia. Joint venture atau usaha patungan ini dikategorikan sebagai kegiatan penanaman modal asing (PMA) sebagaimana didefinisikan dalam Pasal 1 huruf (c) UU No. 25 Tahun 2007 tentang Penanaman Modal (UU Penanaman Modal). Join Venture merupakan bentuk kerjasama yang paling cocok karakteristiknya dipakai dalam transaksi bisnis internasional baik dalam perdagangan barang maupun jasa. Join Venture juga merupakan wadah bagi kerjasama antara perusaan dengan perusahaan dalam bentuk ini yaitu antara PT Fesma dengan PT Selma untuk melakukan perdagangan ,mengembangkan produk baru,dan menyediakan pelayanan atau membuat pasar baru. Dari pertimbangan yang telah saya jelaskan diatas maka bentuk perjanjian yang dibuat merupakan perjanjian internasional yaitu Joint Venture Agreement,adapun Joint Venture Agrement tersebut berbentuk Joint Enterprise yang merupakan para pihaknya disini PT Fesma dan PT Selma membentuk suatu perusahaan baru untuk melaksanakan suatu usaha patungan (Incorporated Joint Venture Contract).

2. Soal 2. Joint Venture Agreement Between Selma Malaysia LTD With PT. Indonesian Fesma This agreement was signed on 01 February 2014, between: 1. Mr. A.. Robby Darwis, 44 Years, President Director of PT. Fesma Indonesia, which was established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, TIN 1993841933, which is located on Jl. Diponegoro 24, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. In his position is entitled to represent the company entered into an agreement by Decree No. Directors. 223/2014. Hereinafter referred to as the FIRST PARTY. 2. Mr. B.. Safee Sali, the president director, Selma Malaysia LTD, which was established under the laws of Malaysia, located on Jl. Rimau, Malaysia. In his position as President Director is authorized to represent the company signed the agreement. Hereinafter referred to as the SECOND PARTY. The FIRST and SECOND PARTY hereinafter jointly referred to as the Parties. Considering that: SECOND PARTY has a good reputation in the business of making women's clothing. SECOND PARTY has experience against the selection of women's clothing. SECOND PARTY has the technology in the manufacturing process of women's underwear. FIRST PARTY has experience producing women's clothing. FIRST PARTY has a factory as well as a strategic network in Indonesia. FIRST PARTY has a high reputation in Indonesia. Given: MoU between PT. Indonesia and Malaysia Fesma Selma LTD. THE PARTIES hereby agree to establish a joint venture agreement. Furthermore, this agreement is called the "Joint Venture Agreement". THE PARTIES shall establish a Limited Liability Company under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia to set up factories chopsticks, bamboo supply, supply of raw materials for chopsticks, machines - machines, packaging and marketing of chopsticks for export abroad. Where the chopsticks factory establishment is not against the law in Indonesia and the existing legislation. Limited Company established by PT. Fesma Indonesia - Malaysia LTD Selma named PT. Selma Fesma. Hereinafter referred to as "PT. BAROKAH JAYA ". That PT. Fesma Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "FIRST PARTY") with Selma Malaysia LTD (hereinafter referred to as "SECOND PARTY") agree and bind themselves mutually agreed to form and establish a legal entity to conduct business cooperation (hereinafter referred to as "BAROKAH Company") with the principle of equality and mutual benefit based on Legislation of the Republic of Indonesia, which governs the Joint Venture as well as legislation related, with the following provisions; Article 1 Definition Indonesian language as the main language used in this Agreement. 3. The termination of the Agreement A condition that causes the overall agreement is no longer executed by the Parties for some reason. Applicable Law The legal system in a country that is chosen and agreed upon by the Parties and subject to the legal system. Board of Directors Organs Joint Venture Company which has the authority and is responsible for the management of the Joint Venture Company designated by the Parties. Duration of the Joint Venture certain timeframe agreed by the Parties to execute the Joint Venture. Joint Venture A cooperative venture between the First Party to the Second Party with equity participation in the form of money or land in the management of Strata Title in Business Location. Circumstances Forced A condition where one of the parties and / or the Parties are not able to perform its obligations and / or not in the specified time as set forth in this Agreement. Bankruptcy Dissolution of Joint Venturesebagai legal entity governed by the Law on Bankruptcy in the Republic of Indonesia. Finance, Accounting and Auditing Methods and procedures for recording and reporting financial information to the accounting system that is guided by the general accounting and inspection / audits of various aspects of the environment in the Joint Venture Company. Business location plot area ......... Office Management System thorough management activities kegiataan Office Setup Joint Administration of Ventureyang associated with implementation.Labor Management Systems comprehensive management of the activities of human resources working in the Joint Venture Company. The Parties First Party and Second Party mentioned together. Dispute Resolution Procedures and the appointment of judicial bodies agreed upon by the Parties if any dispute arises between the Parties relating to this Agreement. Agreement commitments undertaken by the Parties governing the rights and obligations of each party as well as those involved in running the Joint Venture. Change Treaty A situation in which the contents of this Agreement is no longer equal to the original state due to the agreement of the Parties. A Joint Venture Company Limited Persereoan established by the Parties to execute the Joint Venture. Strata Title Hotel, Condominium and Office Building and Housing is located in the Business Location. Purpose and Scope A specific condition to be reached by the Parties and set forth in this Agreement and restrictions in the Joint Venture. Default A situation where one of the parties and / or the Parties do not carry out its obligations under this Agreement. Article 2 Parties In The Joint Venture 2.1 The Parties to this Agreement are as follows; First Party is a Limited Liability Fesma Indonesia established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, TIN 1993841933, which is based in Bandung and is located at Jl. Diponegoro No. 24, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, and in this case represented by Mr. Robby Darwis as Managing Director. And 4. Both parties are Selma Malaysia LTD established under the laws of Malaysia, located in Malaysia is located at Jl. Rimau No. 31B Kav, 4D, Malaysia. and in this case represented by Mr. Safee Sali as President Director. 2.2 Either party shall notify the other party of any change in the information mentioned in Article 2.1 and if no notification of changes in the information referred to, then the other party is not legally responsible for the consequences caused by changes. Article 3 Joint Venture Company 3.1 The Parties agree and have agreed to form and establish a Joint Venture Company under the name BAROKAH Kab.Bandung domiciled and located at Business Locations. 3.2 Joint Venture Company incorporated in Indonesia and all the activities of the Joint Venture Company is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Indonesia as well as the legal rights and interests of the Joint Venture Company under the protection of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. 3.3 Joint Venture Company incorporated limited liability company and each party is responsible in accordance with the paid-up capital. Profits, risks and losses of the Joint Venture Company will be distributed to the Parties in proportion sesaui with the contribution of each of the paid-up capital as well as the Joint Venture Company is responsible for its assets. Article 4 Objectives, and Scope of Work 4.1 The purpose of the Joint Venture Company is to increase economic growth and improve the quality of Indonesian Garment products, develop new products, and improve competitiveness in the world market in quality and price by adopting advanced and applicable technology and scientific management methods, so as to improve economic outcomes and ensure satisfactory economic benefits for every investor. 4.2 The scope of business of the Company is a Joint Venture Women's Apparel, including covering Shirt, Dress, Underwear, Pants and Dress Office and other accessories. Article 5 Value of Total Investment and Registered Capital 5.1 The total value of the investment company to manage the Joint Venture Joint Venture amounted Rp., - (one trillion dollars). 5.2 Capital deposited by the Parties to the joint account is Rp. 500,000,000,000, - (five hundred billio