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Dressing Etiquette

Dressing Etiquette Lecture 5

When to Wear a TuxedoWhen the invitation states Formal, Black Tie, Black Tie Invited or Black Tie OptionalTo the opening of the opera, ballet or symphony Ball or formal danceFormal dinner party or receptionDinner at a formal restaurant (some think: be dressed at least as well as your waiter)

Invitation TypesIf the invitation says Black TieGenerally accepted that Black Tie requires formal attireTake advantage of this opportunity to truly look and feel your very best in a tuxedoToday, Black Tie means formal attire, not specifically to wear a black tie

Invitation TypesIf the Invitation says White Tie or Full DressYou can step into the special occasion in a traditional tailcoat. Wear a white wing collar shirt, a white vest, white tie, and black trousers accented by a formal satin stripe. Complete your outfit with patent shoes

Invitation TypesIf the Invitation says Black Tie PreferredIt indicates that the host prefers guests to wear formal evening attire to the special occasion. Black Tuxedo. White Dinner Jacket or a dark contemporary style tuxedo are acceptable (no tailcoats).Non formal dress suits are also acceptable but not preferred by the host

Invitation TypesIf the Invitation says Black Tie OptionalNot as strong as a statement for formal attire as Black Tie or Black Tie Preferred yet formal dress is wholly appropriate and acceptableStyles may include Black Tuxedo, White Dinner Jacket or dark contemporary style Tuxedo (no tailcoats).

Invitation TypesIf the invitation says Black Tie InvitedStarting to appear more frequently than preferred or optional Usually in the context of large gatherings of civic or business groups, such as a dinner sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce

Black Tie Invited (contd)Can dress in formal attire if they would like but it is not required Styles for these affairs are the same as for Black Tie Optional

Invitation TypesSemi Formal: in strict and very proper social circles, Semi-Formal means Black TieOtherwise, this allows any style of tuxedo or Dinner JacketMust have good knowledge of your local communityGood taste and common sense come into play

Semi-FormalFor example: Dinner party at a local country club: dress more formallyDance celebrating a local college football victory: Dress less formallyIf a lady wears a floor length gown, it is appropriate for her escort to wear formal attire

Semi-FormalIf you are ever unsure about how to dress, call the host or hostess for guidance in dressing for the special occasion

Invitation TypesClubhouse EtiquettePlease wear appropriate clothing (casual dress and shoes) at all times in the clubhouse

How to wear a TuxedoBuy, dont rent for a quality garment tailored to fit you (same for a suit)Stay traditional and avoid colourful cummerbunds (a broad sash), socks, etc.Cummerbunds should match the fabric on the jacketKeep it simple for the most elegant lookNo clip on bow ties, tie it yourself

The Right SizeThe sleeves of any jacket should reach the base of the hand when the arms are straight by the sideThe collar should fit closely round the back of the neckAbout half an inch of shirt collar showing above the jacket

The Right SizeShirt cuffs should show a little below the jacket sleevesJackets such as the dinner jacket and lounge jacket should be long enough to cover the seat of the trousers and should hang evenly all roundThe bottom of the trouser leg rests on the front of the shoe and slightly longer in the back

Business Attire (Men + Women)Conservative two-piece business suit (solid dark blue or grey is best)Conservative long sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best, pastel is next best)Clean, polished conservative dress shoes (black or brown)Socks: simple and coordinate with the colour of the suit

Business Attire (Men + Women)Light briefcase or portfolio case, traditional in either black or brown leatherWell groomed hairstyleWell brushed teeth and fresh breath, no body odourClean and trimmed fingernailsMinimal cologne or perfume

Business Attire (Men + Women)Minimal jewelry Empty pocketsno bulges or tinkling coinsNo gum, candy, cigarettes, or other objects in your mouthNo visible body piercing (nose rings, eyebrow rings etc)Only conservative ear piercings for women

Personal GroomingHands: clean and well-maintainedNails: no longer than inch beyond finger tips, and nail polish should be applied with careHair: well combed and trimmedCarry mouthwash or mintsMake up: moderate to enhance your natural features not create new ones

What to wear to workDress professionally Better to be overdressed than underdressed Avoid clothing that is too flamboyant or revealing

Etiquette of the Job InterviewBe punctualThings NOT TO DOBringing someone with youSmoking, eating or chewing gumAsking to use the phoneIgnoring the receptionists attempts to talk to you

Etiquette of the Job InterviewListening to ipod or music on an mp3 playerApplying make up or brushing your hairMake sure your hands are warm and dry and give a firm handshakeGreet your interviewer by name and continue to use the interviewers name during the interview

Preparation for Job InterviewBe prepared to answer many of the same questions over and over againResearch the company and make sure that you know the key things about the company and how to relate it to your strengths


Class AssignmentMock Interviews Handout on a companyAnswer the following questions

What can you tell me about yourself?Why do you want to work for us?Why should I hire you?How do you feel about your progress?What would you like to be doing in five years?What is your greatest strength/weakness?What goals have you set and how did you meet them?