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  • Mostcarwerepaintedindarkcolour,mostlyblackcolour. Duetolackofsuitablecolouredautomobilepaints.

Car bonnet decorations were banned Potential danger posed to pedestrians in accidents In 1920s, beautiful icons were designed Low power cars ( 25 horsepower) Today (minimum of 90 horsepower) 1930 model of Cadillac V-16 (first car to housed 16 cylinders in engine) New standard of power, performance. Early 1920s, solid rubber tire used cant provide high miles. cut overhead costs and offer cars that provided economy of usage. (lightweight cars) Allow the construction of cars weighing less and provide better mileage. Overnight sensation because of increased driving comfort. Thicker and wider. Ford Model T (October 1, 1908 to May 27, 1927) Generally regarded as the first affordable automobile The second huge success for the Ford Motor Company The Model A came in a wide variety of styles 1925 Chevrolet Series K Superior 1927 Chevrolet Series AA Capitol Model T in 1912 1920 Centerdoor Sedan Ford Model A open-cab pickup truck Convertible Coupe Convertible Sedan 2253 Model J Dual Cowl Phaeton J243